Cargo Van
The All-New 2014

Sprinter Cargo Van

Starting At $39,900
These vans are made to carry the load. Available in 3 GVWR's, 3 roof heights, and 3 cargo lengths, the Sprinter Cargo Van offers the right solution no matter what the job demands.
  • Max. Payload: Up to 2,488 kg (5,485 lbs)
  • Interior Height2: 214.1 cm (84.3 in)
  • Max. Cargo Volume: Up to 16.6 m3 (586.1 cu ft)
11 Available Models
Cargo Van
The All-New 2014

Sprinter Passenger Van

Starting At $47,300
With room for up to 12 people, Best-In-Class1 Interior Height, and up to 5.4 m3 (190.3 cu ft) of cargo volume, the Sprinter Passenger Van can get your business moving.
  • Interior Height2: 194.1 cm (76.4 in)
  • Max. Payload: Up to 1,299 kg (2,864 lbs)
  • Max. Seating Capacity: 12
3 Available Models
Cargo Van
The All-New 2014

Sprinter Cab Chassis

Starting At $38,900
From service bodies to box trucks, the Sprinter Cab Chassis delivers power, quality, efficiency, safety, and the flexibility to do whatever you need it to.
  • Turning Diameter: 16.6 m (54.6 ft)
  • Max. Payload: Up to 2,893 kg (6,378 lbs)
  • Max. Towing: Up to 3,402 kg (7,500 lbs)
2 Available Models

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